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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Appeal from (SKEESUG)

Shailendra Kumar Everest Expedition Group (SKEESUG)


Mt. Everest is the pride of the nation and the world. Climbing it has been at attractive and challenging feat for mountaineering adventures. Every year, expeditions from different countries across the globe take part and excel in mountaineering, taking it up as a matter of national prestige. History was mapped out in 1953 by Tenzing Norgay (Sherpa) and Edmund Hillary and till now more than 2000 people have scaled it. A question may be posed: Is this a mountaineering feat only for a simple challenge for record breakers? There is also a third dimension, which is social service through Everest expedition. SECEE-Nepal 2008 undertook this challenge last year and sincerely strives to turn Everest expedition into the service of senior citizens of Nepal and to promote their respect and pride.

What is Shailendra Kumar Everest Expedition Support Group (SKEESUG)?

This group comprises family members, kith and kin, well- wishers and friends. The objective of this group is to help Mr. Shailendra Kumar Upadhyay achieve his mission to scale Mt. Everest at the age of eighty and enhance the glory and prestige of glory and prestige of Nepal and its people. The group visualized the concept of utilizing the experience of Mr. Upadhyay to render service to senior citizens and to the nation as well. Mountain climbing by a person  of  high  profile and  stature,  as Mr.Upadhyay not only an octogenarian but also a senior  politician,  a distinguished  former diplomat and a devoted social worker, will add further splendor, dignity and a sense of national pride to the mountaineering feat. Everest Expedition-2009, when it is successfully completed, will inaugurate a new future plan for the welfare of senior citizens of Nepal.

World Peace Movement

On the initiative of SKEESUG, a peace centre will be set up with a view to promoting contact with senior citizens of the world and will also initiate peace awareness campaigns in Nepal and other parts of the world. The experience and expertise of senior citizens will be utilized for creating conditions conducive to peace, harmony and Development.

Shailendra Kumar Upadhyay's mission and determination

Commitment and enthusiasm count much to ensure success rather than age" are stirring words from Mr. Upadhyay with robust health, youthful energy and mental agility. Mr Upadhyay imbued with great zeal and firm conviction to establish a record in mountaineering has already made up his mind to commence his mission and to climb Mt. Everest in May this year. He was born on 17 September, 1929. He started his political career at the age of 20 and assumed various responsibilities in both national and international arena. He was Nepal's Permanent Representative to the UN (1972-1978) and Foreign Minister of this country (1986-1990). For the last 6 months, he has rigorously started the practice of rock climbing, hill trekking, and last year (on 14-17 August, 2008) successfully completed his six days' trek to Goshaikunda (5300 meters) followed by his 13 days' trek to Manang Thorang pass Jomsom (21 Sept. to 3 Oct., 2008) and his successful climb of Island Peak over 6050 meters on 26 Dec., 2008.

Financing the expedition

The group makes its humble request to individuals and institutions both at the national and the international level to generously support this noble mission dedicated to serve the senior citizens of Nepal and the world. There will be transparency in the utilization of funds collected from various sources for this expedition. The group is committed to maintain all accounts and publish a duly audited report, from time to time, for the information  of  all concerned, including individuals and institutions, who will come forward to support financially  this  scheme. The  group  takes  this opportunity to thank once again all our well-wishers and friends.

 Our saving account no.  is  169461S  in  N.B. Bank,

Bijuli  Bazar, Kathmandu, Nepal.

PayPal     https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=4368147

Appeal from Shailendra Kumar Upadhyay

Hills and mountains have always fascinated me since my childhood. I loved to climb whenever an occasion provided me the opportunity to do so. However, I had never thought that someday I would venture to climb the top of the world. 

Last year (2008 AD), I was invited to be an advisor to Senior Citizens Everest Expedition 2008 (SECEE 2008) to organize an expedition to scale Mt. Everest by a senior citizen aged 76 years. I liked the idea as it would encourage persons of old age to think in a positive manner about old age and instill confidence in them to be able to serve the society even after retirement from official posts and other activities. 

So SECEE decided to organize the expedition with a view to setting up homes for old people and also homes for senior intellectuals and make senior citizens and intellectuals work for world peace and fraternity among people of the world after the success of the expedition.

The expedition is very costly affair. It needs about 4 million rupees (US $ 50,000). I have the will to climb but not enough means to do so on my own. So, I appeal to all, regrettably, the 76 years old person backed out after success from his commitments and shattered the hopes and dreams of SECEE organization. It was the wish of providence which inspired me to take up the cause to establish a new world record of mountain climbing and resurrect the objective of SECEE Nepal - 2008. I am a firm believer in the cause of world peace and fraternity among the people of the world, I am also a firm believer in the constructive activities of senior citizens ever ready to guide the young generations. Having seen the pitiable plight of old people- homeless and neglected by their own kith and kin, I pledged to render service to mankind by promoting world peace and fraternity, provide shelter to the homeless and use their valuable experience by providing them a place where they could write, narrate and exchange their views. I am confident of my success as I believe that the most important part of success of any mission is confidence in oneself, selfless commitment to serve humanity and, of course, will to achieve success. men  and women,  young  and  old,  countrymen  and foreigners, to help me in my Endeavour as this is not only a one man show but a feat in the service to all mankind. Every penny donated for this cause also carries with it your wish for my success. The amount is important but more important is your wish for my success. God willing, I shall make my debut in coming May. There is not much time but again it depends upon your quick decision to support my venture. I am associated with SECCEE - Nepal, 2008 as well as Shailendra Kumar Everest Expedition Support Group (SKEESUG)/2009 which have supported me to climb Everest. All donations made by anyone will be channelized through this (SKEESUG-2009) organization for this venture. 

Thank You

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